Friday, March 23, 2012

Xenia's Storm

Yay! It's another Creatures post! I started off the day panning through the world to see how everybody was doing and where I left them off. I found most everybody was doing quite average and enjoying their life! By now most of the norns have grown to elder stage and it's not long until they begin passing into the great beyond to meet their relatives. I found down at home below the treehouse many of the elders have formed a little club. Aronil, Areas, Anruin and Arlowe enjoy approaching eachother while they feast on the plentiful fruits and seeds around them. It's uncanny how similar they all look to each other.
Of course the star of the show is always Xenia. I found her where I left her last by the dock and very hungry for protine! Xenia loves to "bang on the drums all day" so much that she just can't tear herself away to eat a bite! A couple of slaps from me pause her for just a second before she goes back to playing the drums so I have to drag her away from them far enough so that she can no longer see them before she was convinced the best thing to do would be to eat something! It reminds me a lot of myself as a gamer I spend so much time at the computer I sometimes neglect my own hunger!
After her dinner she returned home to the warm treehouse and asked for some fat. I realized then, there wasn't really anything around that would provide a good source of fat, but saw the honey pot up above on the planks. I dropped it in front of her and convinced her to try some of that. She enjoyed it so much that, with a belly full of honey, she felt so warm and cozy that she just layed down and took a restful sleep. I'm still so proud of myself for having such a happy norn! I really love her adventurous attitude but wish some of the other norns were too, so I could have some more babies.
Anruin met his maker in a field of flowers at the ancient age of 5 hours and 39 minutes. I couldn't be happier that he lived a full life, even if it wasn't as long as some of his ancestors have lived. Rest in peace.
I returned, after taking care of Anruin's death, logging it and what not, back to Xenia only to find her terrified and not knowing what to do huddled under the planks of the dead tree! There was an intense storm passing by over head spitting out bolts of lightening all around her! I have never seen such an intense storm in Nyrn before! Sure there are your average thunder producing clouds, however there were at least three very large ones here right now! I did all I could to help calm Xenia down and keep her from panickedly straying into the ocean!
Xenia made sure to tell me just how scared she was feeling. I didn't snap the photo just at the right time here, as I was trying to catch a lightening bolt that was landing right near Xenia... just to show how intense things were. With more than two giant thunder clouds over head at any one time there were constantly bolts landing all around her.
To make matters worse there were two dust devils (Yes, two! The game was really going crazy!) on either side, granted one was a little further away from Xenia at the time. The second one disappeared but the first one approached xenia..then swept her and all of her seeds, toys and things and carried them out into the ocean. You can't see them in the dust devil very well but her honey pot and other things are in there. I had been busily pulling Xenia away from the edge of the dock every two seconds while trying to calm her with tickles and distract her with the drums, now I had to rescue the honey pot from the ocean floor! And there were still thunder clouds spitting lightening all over!
Eventually the thunder clouds passed (Whiew! I thought they'd never go away.. I swear that was the longest storm I've ever expeirenced in all my creatures playing days.) and Xenia changed from "quite" scared to "kinda" scared.. and eventually not scared. I still watched the dust devil for some time as it stuck around, just to make sure it didn't sweep all of Xenia's things away again.. but generally all went back to normal and Xenia celebrated the clear sky with another drum solo.


  1. Yay! Good to see you posting again. And what a post to come back with! I'm not sure how well Norns understand the weather. Something like this would have been quite terrifying.

    1. You're right, it even scared me. For a moment there I thought I might lose Xenia to real danger! There's a part I didn't post about where I was playing tug of war with the dust devil over Xenia. It was trying to drag her to it while I was trying to keep her out of it.. I was so worried it would spit her into the ocean like it did her things! Because I've seen the dust devils quite benignly toss norns around on the desert.

  2. It's great to read about Nyrn again! Poor Xenia looked absolutely terrified: That was some crazy weather! Almost reminds me of the Wizard of Oz with the dust devil. Ha ha! Maybe her constant pounding on the drums has upset the weather patterns... Xenia certainly seems to be having a blast, though!

    Sad to see Anruin pass away, although it's always inevitable. Funny how all of the males look almost identical! I hope that no other crazy weather decides to crop up for them!