Friday, April 13, 2012

Expanding Nyrn

We left Orika pregnant last time and I was really eager to see if she carried the same messed up gene as her sister or if she would be able to lay the egg. Orika pleasantly surprised me with a bright, mustard colored egg soon after I started up my game! Orika then fell asleep immediately afterwords with a proud smile on her face. I knew that Orika would make a good mother.
The idea of the tribe expanding so soon and so quickly worried me. I didn't want a huge tribe like I usually have, but I just can't help myself! I love norns! From the egg hatched a little boy I named Asha-Ammu and he fit in right away! Asha-Ammu showed that he was a curious little norn and while he didn't yet know what all of the things around here were, or were for, he expressed an eagerness to find out the good old fashioned way! Asha-Ammu sampled, pushed and pulled everything! I made sure to give him rewarding tickles for all of the good actions he discovered as well as teach him some words for things in his immediate vicinity. When I was content that he was on the right track I left him to go see what visitor was knocking at my warp chamber door.
A pretty little male norn arrived in my chamber and was showing his over-eagerness to become a member of my world by walking repeatedly into the door. I hurried to let him out before he hurt himself too much! In spite of how much he had already hurt himself, he had a bright smile on his face. I just love his pastel colors, so the idea of adding him to my world is a pleasant one! I just hope his high generation doesn't carry any hidden con's.
Most norns go about doing their general things, eating and sleeping as well as playing with toys. Arvyn isn't an exception. He remains by the volcano door happily living off of mushrooms and playing with the toy doggie. I check on him every now and then to make sure he's not hurting himself by walking into the door repeatedly, but he has fun surprising me with staying fairly focused on the toys and not the door. Arvyn seemed to show a lot of pride in how he could successfully push the toy unlike some of his other norn friends! I had hopes that he would become adventurous enough to join the main group so that I could perhaps have some little norny babies with floating eyeballs, but Arvyn seems to like solitude and doesn't show an interest in girls.
In spite of his high generation Quirin showed great intelligence when it came to the little IQ test. He passed quicker than I had expected and I found him enjoying the fruits and foods of the lower meso. I quickly introduced him to Nyrn and the C2toDS metaroom and he acted like he had lived there all his life! The other norns accepted him with open arms as one of their own. I hope he has a chance to pass his beautiful pastel colors on. Welcome Quirin.

Current norn population: 10
9 adults, 1 child

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  1. What a handsome Norn Quirin is! Hopefully he passes along his appearance to some children. Maybe Arvyn will decide to find Orika at some point, too. I love those silly eyes of his!