Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Cleaning

 The first two bits of information I have for you today are the deaths of a couple of norns. Arethan was the first to die at a very old age of 5 hours and 39 minutes. He lived a full life and was very happy living as a gardener. I made sure to keep him supplied with all of the things he would need to stay happy including toys and other forms of food, so when he died with a smile on his face to last him into the afterlife I felt a sense of happiness too.
Quite a while later the next big thing to happen was the death of Aryon. Aryon was expected to die... though not until he became an elder! I was very surprised to see that he was not an elder when he died and I suspect a form of anorexia to be the cause. Aryon never alerted my attention because he always seemed to be happy hanging out with his brother santa-norns. Rest in peace dude.
 Xenia was very happy by herself by the drums but soon felt the need to inform me that she was hungry for fruit again, so as usual I suggested to her to go eat some fruit. Also as usual, she then immediately halted her drumming to do just that like a  good little norn. The only problem was, she began walking right instead of left. This was unheard of! I've never seen her do such a thing! Wondering what her attention could be set on that caused her to begin walking dangerously close to the edge of the bridge I panned my camera far right. There, lo and behold across the ocean was some broken coconuts labeled as fruit! Geeze Xenia, I had no idea your eyesight was that good! Xenia and I had some trouble using the boat to get across but eventually we made it together.
After a good meal of fruit I asked how she was doing and she enthusiastically replied how happy she is. You can only imagine the pride that I feel every time I hear a norn say this!
There is a little problem with the doorway that connects the horn of love area with the volcano opening. When Xenia tried to cross that doorway she was unable to. With my help she was able to make it to the other side of the island where she intended to go and gobbled up more coconuts. Not even a stray storm cloud could distract her from coconut happiness.
Big, nasty storming clouds didn't even distract the heavily sleeping Akka, even though some of his brothers to his right were freaking out off camera. The storms passed before Akka woke up, feeling refreshed.
With almost every norn being of old age I expected another death, but I didn't expect it to be Xenia. When the camera snapped me to her I felt sad inside. I had grown very fond of Xenia and proud of her, and of myself. Xenia helped teach me that I am able to communicate successfully with norns, and I am able to rehabilitate and teach norns. Knowing Xenia was invaluable to me. You will not be forgotten little explorer.
I have been talking for some time now about widdling down the tribe to just a few norns for easier tracking. My expectation was that most of the elder males were die before Xenia, and by the time Xenia died I could introduce the new queen with no problem to only a few males. Now that my plans have been foiled by fate I was left with no queen and many males. In this event I chose to warp out some of the old males that had nothing to do but die eventually anyway (as cruel as that may sound). I sent them through the warp rather than kill them with the hopes they would find a place to live out their final days. They all ended up going to LNA when I sent them to "anyone online" (I'm sorry LNA!).
 Meet Nyrn's next queen, Xenia2. I know, the name isn't very original. The reason she has the same name was because when she was born I mistakenly named her Xenia because I forgot I already had one! When I finally found out the mistake I made she was already named so I just added 2 at the end. Xenia2 is Xenia's sister but they do not look exactly the same. While they share the same apple norn head, Xenia2 has a santa norn body and chichi norn legs and arms. Xenia2 arrived very eager to continue her life!
As you can see Xenia2 started out her early years in a completely different world, a very old previous one. Being warped suddenly into such a different world must be strange to her. All the norns she once knew are gone and it's time to rule over some new ones!

Comming up is a complete look at Xenia2's genetics to see just what she will be contributing to the gene pool!

Current norn population: 8

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