Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Since nobody has spoken up that they want Xenia2 I have decided I will send her through the warp. (As soon as I can find somebody online). In the mean time, let's meet Nyrn's next queen.

 Meet Orika. Orika is the sister to the previous queens Machiki, Fiken, Wanic, Xenia and as we know Xenia2. Orika is one of 7 daughters to Chiyoe. Orika was also born in the world that was the C1toDS metaroom and previously knew a land of sunshine and honey. She's about to be plopped into a little bit more of a harsher world of bees and dangerous oceans, weather and poisonous plants! I hope she can survive! Yet she has a destiny to rule a whole tribe of norns and create more of royal blood for the future!
The moment I plopped Orika down into the very place her sister had previously layed to rest (Before I placed her in the warp chamber) she fit right in with everybody as if she had known them her whole life. In fact Orika set to work right away showing me how well she got along with other norns so fast that she and Aldobrando immediately hit it off and decided to create the first egg together! I was still getting stuff ready for Orika's stay in Nyrn when it happened much to my surprise!

Let's take a little look shall we, at what Orika's genetics holds for the future generations. (Nothing too drastic I hope, after Xenia2's ordeal!)

First I took a look at the general overview of the organs in the norn. Usually I get to skip over this area because nothing is usually of any significant change.. but this time I saw a few things that caught my interest. Orika only has 15 lobes, 199 receptors, is missing a neuroemitter (a normal norn has 2, she only has half that), only has 101 reactions, only 58 stimuli, only 33 instincts and has only 21 organs of the normal 24. There are no more details then that, but it's pretty interesting to me. I wonder what affect any of these changes might have on her.

Things Orika finds more intense when felt are pain, sleepiness, lonliness, crowded, fear and anger. Things she finds significantly less intense are boredim and comfort, just like Xenia2.

Another thing I thought was interesting that I saw was when Orika's body senses EDTA she gains 141 repair rate. My attention stopped on EDTA because it sounds like a significant thing, but I don't know what it is. Any ideas?

Orika also has less initial concentration of muscle tissue and antibodies than the average norn. I don't think this will visibly affect her though.

Like her sister, when Orika lays eggs she will gain far less sleepiness and pain than the average norn.. also she gains less fear and pain from falling, while gaining a decrease in boredom.

Orika has a couple new entries in her genetics file that interested me.
 840 New in file 1 214   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 23, Creature, Drives, Fear, chem=ATP, thresh=26, nom=255, gain=255, features=Inverted Digital  (0)

 841 New in file 1 215   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 23, Creature, Drives, Fear, chem=Energy, thresh=45, nom=255, gain=255, features=Inverted Digital  (0)

I'm not certain about what this means, but my simple guess would be that when her body senses ATP or energy (energy?) she will gain a lot of fear. Does this mean she'll be in a state of fear all the time? It doesn't seem likely to me.

Here is another thing that caught my eye but yet I have trouble translating it's meaning.
 880 New in file 1   2   0 You F MutDupCut        128   0 [02: noun] [Cell 29 (Creature egg)] + [07: detl] [Cell 1] + [Brain Lobe 255] [Cell 0] => 255*Anger + 0*<NONE> + 0*<NONE> + 0*<NONE>; Rate = 1

And here is something that is interesting. Apparently Orika produces far more antibodies when sensing an antigen.
 345 Different in file 1  85   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 18, 2*Antigen 0 + 1*<NONE> => 2*Antibody 0 + 1*Histamine B; half-life = 40 

 346 Different in file 2  85   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 18, 2*Antigen 0 + 1*<NONE> => 12*Antibody 0 + 1*Histamine B; half-life = 40 

The first line is of a normal chichi norn, the second Orika.

 347 Different in file 1  86   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 18, 2*Antigen 1 + 1*<NONE> => 2*Antibody 1 + 1*Histamine A; half-life = 41 

 348 Different in file 2  86   0 Emb B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 18, 2*Antigen 1 + 1*<NONE> => 12*Antibody 1 + 1*Histamine A; half-life = 41

Hopefully this means she'll have a huge advantage when kicking illnesses.

Last but not least here are a few new files in her genetics.
 842 New in file 1 105   0 Sen B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 23, 1*<NONE> + 1*<NONE> => 1*Pain + 1*<NONE>; half-life = 79

 843 New in file 1 106   0 Sen B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 23, 1*<NONE> + 1*<NONE> => 1*Crowded + 1*<NONE>; half-life = 58

846 New in file 1 109   0 Old B MutDupCut        128   0 Organ# = 23, 1*<NONE> + 1*<NONE> => 1*Tiredness + 1*<NONE>; half-life = 72

It looks like she produces pain, crowdedness and tiredness from nothing.. does this mean all the time? Again i'm not completely clear, but it is suspicious. I certaintly hope not.

Well that's your introduction to Orika. I hope you enjoyed!


  1. By the looks of things, Orika has Enhanced ChiChi heritage. She will indeed be in pain, crowded, and tired all the time...once she hits the Senile lifestage, which also happens in the Enhanced ChiChi genome. For now, those genes are inactive since she seems to be a youth.

    EDTA is the cure for Heavy Metals. Unless she eats something containing the stuff, that gene won't effect her much.

    The fear at sensing ATP and Energy? Another hint at Enhanced ChiChi heritage. Those genes trigger when she's low on ATP and Energy. If those two chemicals get low, the norn is likely to die soon, so being scared is completely justified. It won't help much, but it's justified.

  2. Oh thank you. I should hire you as my official genetics officer or something, alas I have no money..

    She does indeed have enhanced chichi genetics in her, that's what I started the whole genetic line with way back when. I'm glad to see it's still going. I was almost certain it had all been bred out by now. This just goes to show how little I know and how much i'm learning!

  3. I hope Xenia2 goes to a nice home, will you let us know who gets her? If you still haven't found a home for her, I wouldn't mind taking her, even though I haven't been playing as much recently as I use to.

    1. When I tried to send her out nobody was online so I still have her. If you like I could let you have her still. I think the easiest way would be for me to export her and put her on a web site. As soon as I do that i'll let you know. I think i'll use the creatures repository. :D Thank you for expressing an interest in her!

    2. I added her to the site! She's anyones for the taking now. :D