Sunday, October 2, 2011


Some major changes have happened recently. I want to discuss them before I get on with the blog. First of all, I have recently switched to a new hard drive as the one I was previously using was simply an emergency backup and temporary until I got this one. In the event of switching (which I have done some weeks ago successfully) I did not also save the spritebuilder program I use to collect the death and birth photos from my DS game. The reason I didn't save the program was because I was confident that I could simply go download it again at another time. Well, that time came and I found the download location no longer works, so I'm without a sprite builder. This presents problems for me. 

One of these problems is simply solved by taking a fraps snapshot of the death screen when a creature dies, as you'll see in this post. Another problem, however, is that I am unable to capture the very first picture of a baby when it's born. I'll do my best in the future to capture a fraps snapshot of every creatures birth, though I can't promise much since it's in my manual hands instead of the games automatic hands.

Secondly, as always, when the sheer number of norns soars out of control it becomes time to "cull the herd". Sadly, this always almost certainly means losing some of my norns. As much as I pray and wish for all of my norns to pass the IQ test I have never had that happen. The norns are never forgotten though, and will be honored in sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the future of the Nyrn tribe. These "evil" things I do are why I call this blog "confessions" of a shee :P

Because i'm unable to retrieve the birth and death norn pictures, I shall list them now. New to this world are: Arius, Arius (accidentally named two norns the same thing. It's a first for me!), Arlowe, Wanic and Arnand.
Leaving this world are: Aldaril, Alds, Vando and Arathor.

Let's get started shall we?

Andil, the resident exploration expert of the tribe of Nyrn has braved the vastness of the desert while the temperatures had dipped low enough to snow and found himself in an abandoned, broken down temple. Here he dropped his pot of honey for a little lunch while enjoying the old architecture that has long since been abandoned. I can tell he is really enjoying himself and I am happy he's making new discoveries! He can carry  his new knowledge of what lies beyond the forest back to his tribe and tell them everything he's discovered when he's done!
On the way back to the dead tree where his friend patiently waits Andil discovered a shiny golden disk. Upon touching this ancient artifact he has been bestowed with infinite knowledge, just like his queen! What he does with this knowledge is entirely up to him. The first time he touched it and recieved all of the knowledge he didn't really know what happened, and so had to touch it a couple more times to be sure! Then he promptly picked up his honey pot and continued on.

Halfway through the desert he began complaining of being hungry for starch. Being the kind and thoughtful shee that I am I pushed the cactus dispenser, dispensing some seeds into the air. Andil watched them float down to the ground with delighted wonder! Try as much as I did, I could not convince him that pushing the dispenser himself was alright, though. 
I flipped back to the forest to check on the rest of my norns. There were so many eggs! Fiken has been quite busy with the males!

Andil was still busy playing with the cactus seeds. None of them would grow into an actual plant though, it was still too cold in the desert. In the winter, the desert also gets very cold, down into the teens even, though the snow that falls there on rare occasions still never sticks.
This is the new way I choose to record my deaths in Nyrn. It's quite informative to my blog readers I think and more efficient. Anas's death was due to self imposed starvation I believe. He did live a very long time for a norn, rest in peace.
Finally, Andil makes it back home with his friend who had been peacefully taking a nap in the shelter of the dead tree. The dead tree has become their new fort and base of operations. What a smart decision too! It's safe from the weather, any wild animals that may be around and has a source of food.
In the tubes I found another brave future explorer or two. When they get old enough I hope to see them also making wonderful discoveries just like their counterparts. This is Arara (the little girl in the tube) and her friend who watches over her. Arara is very curious in the unknown and is always running off one way or another. She hasn't yet gotten the courage up to stray past the other side of the tubes though.
Her friend helping her to explore is named Areas. I can't help but be amused at the name he had, what a coincidence! He will be explore new "areas". XD
The cause is unknown, but my beloved Fiken, the wonder of the biological world with her unusual boredom = pain = friendliness system, has passed away. The possibility is she may have just been too distracted with making eggs to eat. She left behind a legacy of children and when it comes time for her daughters to be integrated into the world one at a time it will take forever to get through them. Good job Fiken. She has left behind a good number of sons, and 11 daughters. Fikens biological wonder has also been passed on to many of her children.
I took this opportunity to send all of the male norns on an IQ test, before introducing the new queen into the land. The females will be exported to join the rest in stasis until it is time for their turn to come when they come of age. Not everyone will pass this IQ test, but of those males who do they will have the gift and honor of passing on their genetics to the next generation. May only the smart survive.
The first norn to successfully make it out of the warp room was little Arethan. Arethan was soon followed by a sibling who appears very upset about all of this. Hopefully they will both make it all the way through.
Aaand, Arethan HAS made it through! Yay! Congradulations young one! I am happy to announce young males are making it through quite quickly. As they do I plop them back into their home forest. I have introduced the queen, but due to the mishap with the spritebuilder software I don't yet have a picture of her. Fear not, many will come in the future! The queens name is Wanic, sister of Machiki and Fiken, Daughter to Chiyoe, and one of 7 sisters all together.

The first casualty of the IQ test is Angoril. He died quite early, so it wasn't due to starvation from the test alone. If it was starvation, he had been starving himself for quite some time already. Rest in peace Angoril.

Many norns have made it through already. Of those who don't you will see their death windows like this. How many will not make it through? Stay tuned to find out.

Current population: 16


  1. I'm really liking the new death images. You're right, it does give some good information.
    Generation 45,000! Wow!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you like them. The high generation is from 1 norn a long time ago, I haven't actually been breeding norns long enough to reach that high of a gen by myself. :P