Friday, October 14, 2011

Xenia Gets Started

Nestled in the green grasses of the forest floor by the swamp, where very little light graces the environment, appears a mysterious, pale egg. It is not yet known what norn sleeps in this egg. What will come out? Only time will tell. 

Back in the warp room another norn has subcommed(Spelling?) to the harsh reality of the IQ test. Anarenen was another norn I knew well and I am sad to see he has not passed. He has lived a full life of over three hours and now rests with his brethren.
With Halloween just around the corner I decorated the world of Nyrn with Halloween treats and ghostly things! When I set the pumpkins down and planted the jack-o-lantern scarecrow into the ground norns flocked all around from afar! The smiles on their bright faces showed they loved this new idea of free food and new toys to play with! Even if some of them were a little bit scary.. I watched them for quite a while and was pleasantly surprised to see these norns don't seem nearly as afraid of the scary toys as norns of previous halloweens. Xenia even felt comfortable enough around the scary pumpkins to take a nap.
When Xenia awoke the cauldrons were calling her name! I showed her briefly how to use them and she took to pushing them quite naturally! Soon candy apples were littering the ground. Try as I might, I could not get her interested in the popcorn though. Xenia must just not be a popcorn gal.
Soon Xenia's friendliness brought her to her second pregnancy ever and after a short while of waiting and stomach growing, she layed a beautiful, golden egg near the cauldrons and next to her previous blue mottled egg. Xenia now has two eggs in waiting while the previous queen, Fiken, still has four eggs in the treehouse above that will hatch first. It may be a little bit of a wait, but we'll get there eventually. Anruin is the lucky father of this one!
Anarenen's death brought the hatching of one of those eggs and a little boy popped out all energetic and eager to start his life! I named him Arsyn (pronounced Arsin, but you can pronounce it anyway you want.) He spent a little while playing with some of the toys amongst the other two eggs up in the tree house before finally deciding to take the lift down to the ground and join the other norns.
A few norns have gotten brave and decided to explore the glass tubes together. I thought some had been missing from the norn party on the ground. I found an adult norn showing some children through the tubes. I can tell by the way he smiles through the glass at me that they're having a great time!
When I returned to check on Xenia she had once again become pregnant! While I don't wish for another baby boom like what Fiken gave me, I am still very happy to see Xenia breeding so freely. Wanic and the other norns who were unable to lay eggs have shown me to be thankful for the norns that can! A cream colored egg rests in the grass beside it's mothers warm body while she rests after the work of laying it. I can't wait to see what Xenia's offspring will look like!

Current population: 16 (plus baby girls)


  1. I do love how your world manages to have elements of all three generations in it-- Including C1 breeds in the C2 world in DS; it's quite charming :>

  2. I agree: Your world is wonderful and I always enjoy reading your updates and finding out the latest happenings in Nyrn! It's sad to see another death, but it's understandable that it's necessary. I just can't believe how quickly these Norns can reproduce! Hopefully there will be another Halloween themed post soon: Norns should enjoy the holidays, as well! Ha ha!

  3. Unfortunately the next Halloween update may be late. As the sims 3 pets expansion pack has been released i've been a little obsessed with playing it. Don't worry though, I haven't given up on creatures all together.

  4. No problem, Kittie! I get caught up with new game releases from time to time, and Creatures can always wait! The Sims 3 Pets looks pretty neat: If I had the money to spend, I probably would invest in TS3. Wishful thinking for now! Hope you're enjoying it!