Saturday, October 29, 2011

Surprising New Arrivals

Soon after I started my world up today I received from the warp a little visitor, a baby banana norn by the name of Adalhard. I barely had time to examine him and get to know him when two of his brothers followed behind him, popping into existence in my warp!

I fell instantly in love with them at first sight because they're so adorable! I love all C1 norns, their sprites just seem so much cuter than any DS or C3 norn i've seen. I didn't let the adorableness stop me from checking them over quickly for any illnesses and examine them to see who they are. They appear to all be generation 1 norns from someones world who was just starting out. They were born today! Huraay! Congratulations guys! Welcome to the world! I set them all in the bottom level of the warp room to begin their IQ test.
Back in the forest Xenia has layed another egg, this one in the treehouse. I believe that the previous queen has only 1 egg left unhatched in the treehouse, while all the rest are Xenia's. Even so, I am still going to check the babies when they hatch. Xenia is getting along really well in the world and has displayed nothing but happiness. This is a welcomed relief from the constant whimpering her sister did due to her chronic state of pain.
A little girl norn named Arvama has been exploring the scaffolding above the swamp. She's accompanied by three santa norns (heads only) so she's got plenty to keep her company. Together, as if a team, they enjoy poking around the scary pumpkin and sipping from the honey pot. Ironically their attention rarely if ever shifts to the toy car, which was actually the only thing purposely placed there for play. All of their play goes to the other objects around them. Still, i'm glad to see Arvama getting along with the male norns so well. One day she will be mating with their descendants.
Another little girl has decided to also become very brave and explore. Aryni has found herself in the little cave where the norn tribe's ancestors first set foot in Nyrn! I don't think she knows just what she had found, though. All of her attention was on the little bugs and leaves laying on the ground, though I guess I can't expect much more from such a young norn.
Meanwhile, Arvama and two of her santa norn headed friends decided to move on to other places, leaving one norn behind. He was too distracted with the sweet jar of honey to notice his friends had slipped off. Lord knows if he would have even cared! The honey is so yummy I often see norns become addicted to it, yet it's nutritious so I don't mind all that much.
Arius was minding his own business just grazing in the tall grasses by the treehugger tree when he saw to his amazement, a herd of pumpkin pies pass before his eyes! His mouth watered and he quickly gave chase! One pie disappeared with a gulp, then two, while late winter clouds floated above his head. It looks like Arius has a sweet tooth for food that can walk!
Andil had been lost in the maze that was the Docking Station ship and found himself in the room I call "the trap" in relation to the IQ test. This room I left open so that they can choose to ignore the food smell (that they are supposed to be following) if they wish. Andil has found himself a victim of this trap and has died because of it. I do have memories of watching Andil wander around and explore in the forest of Nyrn, so i'm sad to see he didn't pass the test. Rest in peace Andil.
Soon another death followed Andil's. Arnand met his fate near the swamp bridge. He was not yet elder, and not sick. I can only guess his death is due to a self imposed sort of starvation. Rest well Andil.

Will the three banana brothers make it through the IQ test and pass? Will they get to see the light of day? Xenia finds herself in a surprising location, and new arrivals are on the way! Stay tuned for the next update.

Current norn population: 18 plus girls

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  1. The little baby Banana Norns are adorable! I hope all of them make it through the IQ test. I've always loved the C1 Norns, and I'm glad it's possible to have them in all of the games.

    I had a good laugh over Arius and his love of the walking meal! Sad to see some others pass along, yet that's the cycle of Norn life. At least new eggs are almost always on the way!