Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Queen Difficulties

As promised, here is a picture of our new queen. Wanic is a norn that is very easy going and doesn't get into trouble. She seems very innocent. Wanic's first activities in Nyrn were to introduce herself to the near by norns, unfortunately they all happened to be babies which didn't go over so well. All of the little baby girls were too busy playing hide and seek in the grass, and sleeping.
Wanic found her way over to the adult norns eventually and was greeted with opened arms. While everyone is sad about the loss of Fiken they are still very accepting of the new queen. No longer do all of the adult male norns have Fiken to turn to whenever they feel friendly, but now they have a new norn. It isn't long before Wanic happily joins a fellow adult norn in friendliness kisspopping. Her very first pregnancy was right away! I must admit when she became pregnant so soon I was worried that this would end up like another Fiken scenario where I would have too many norns!
Little did I know I had nothing to worry about in that respect, though. Minutes passed with no egg, and so I checked on her with the hoverdoc. Yup! Just as I thought, another stuck pregnancy. Wanic is unable to raise her progesterone high enough to actually get the egg layed. This is highly unfortunate! She's still a good, deserving norn and so I don't have the heart to just kill her.. which I scolded myself for. I'm suppoed to be the shee that has confessions to confess! I'm not supposed to be all sappy with my norns... Usually I would just send the norns away in the warp to a new home and a good life, but the warp has been down for weeks. With no other choice, I confined Wanic to life in the warp chamber with the food dispenser.
A new queen was then introduced into Nyrn to hopefully do what Wanic can not. Xenia entered a very different world from what she remembered. She tends to stick to herself and many of the norns don't even bother to come and kisspop her. Xenia is sister to Machiki, Fiken and Wanic. She is the fourth daughter in a family of seven, to mother Chiyoe.
Finally, one of the eggs in waiting has hatched yet another son of Fiken. This one was not yet named, but popped into this world and was welcomed by sorrounding norns. Welcome to the world little one! Your future fate fortells of adventure in far away lands and kisspopping with Xenia!
An unfortunate occurance. Death has claimed the existance of yet another norn in the warp room. Another who did not make it out is An-zaw. I am sad to see it be a norn I know so well. Rest in peace.

Soon to follow An-zaw is Ano. Ano didn't get to live quite as long a life as An-zaw but it was a full life in spite of that. Rest in peace little one.
The death of these norns brought into the world another life as norns leave room for more eggs to hatch. From the next egg hatched a little girl norn eager to explore her immediate sorroundings! Normally I don't post the births of the girls, or even talk much about them... but this time was different because soon after she hatched she also perished. I looked into her genetic file to see if there was anything I could spot that would cause such an unfortunate death.. but nothing stood out to me. Either it's because i'm not yet good enough to recognise what it was that killed her, or it was something not specific. I'm sorry little one. I hadn't even gotten to name her yet. Still, she would have been the 13th daughter of Fiken, who has plenty of daughters already. It's just her bad luck to be the 13th norn, perhaps that's why she died!
Xenia didn't waste much time in getting aquainted with some of the male norns, or rather, should I say the male norns didn't waste much time with getting aquainted with her? Xenia's first pregnancy was on the way! I hoped for the love of shee that she would have a normal reproductive system that would allow her to lay eggs, unlike her sister!

From one of the many eggs in waiting popped another little boy. Meet the newest addition to Nyrn, Arrinis. I'm happy to say Arrinis seems to be a normal little boy, happy and healthy! Arrinis is the one peeking around the back of the two remaining eggs there.
Yay! Xenia successfully layed a single, blue and white egg among the mushrooms! Success at last! I just hope she doesn't keep this up like Fiken did! We have enough norns right now!

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  1. Unfortunate to hear about Wanic. Hopefully you can breed this gene out of the tribe.
    On the plus side at least Xenia has become a successful mother.