Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh Happy Day

I was scrolling through the norns to see how everybody was doing when I zoomed past the desert area and had a double take! I returned to find Xenia there! How she had managed to make her way from the forest floor, through the transporters without my seeing is curious, let alone all the way to the middle of the desert! It is very late, cold winter and so perhaps she sought out the warmth that the desert can provide. Xenia is very content to sit among the only plants that grow there 24/7, the colorful mushrooms. I know mushrooms are only supposed to grow where there is a lot of moisture, but i'm unable to remove them and so these particular mushrooms prove to be special in that they seem to thrive in dry desert sands.
Two of the banana brothers successfully made it to the norn meso and in doing so passed the IQ test. I quickly transported them to the forest floor of Nyrn where they indulged in the rich fruits and seeds around them! They stick out like a sore thumb since there are no other norns in the world that look like them, but everyone accepts them very well anyway! I hope they can manage to find Xenia or the next queen and pass on their cute banana genetics.
Anruin also has passed the IQ test after a very loooong period of time being lost on the ship. Anruin was one of the many male norns that kept going in and out of the warp room door, being confused as to where he was or should go. It looks like eventually he decided to follow his nose to the food coming out of the meso room door though, which i'm happy to see! Welcome back Anruin! Even though he spent so much time without food he doesn't look much worse for wear.
The hatching of another egg brought forth the birth of Arrille. Arrille immediately took a liking to the shee toy not far from where he hatched, only a few steps, and began to play with it preventing me from getting  a decent picture.
I tried again and got a little bit of a better one, yay! He is a handsome little baby norn isn't he!
Unfortunately the one banana norn brother that didn't pass the IQ test passed away soon after the birth of Arrille. I was sad to see the tiny cute little banana body laying still in the warp room, now in a peaceful forever sleep. It was nice knowing you Arihito, the little time you were here.

 The death of Arihito brought the hatching of another newborn in Nyrn. This is Arver. He was one of the eggs to hatch on the ground and just like Arrille shares Xenia as a mother. As you can see, Arver has really taken a liking to the friendly treehugger tree! The friendly hugs from the tree comfort him and he doesn't even notice that creepy scarecrow looming over him!
 Life goes on in the world of Nyrn and norns happily go on about their lives, grazing in the lush vegetation, even if it is a little bit foggy. Many eggs wait to be hatched so that the tiny norns inside can start their lives and discover new adventures! Halloween prepares to debut... all just as spring arrives in Nyrn.

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  1. Xenia certainly had a long journey! I always like when Norns go on random adventures, though: It's a shame when they stay in one tiny area their entire lives and miss out on the great things that the world has to offer. Poor little Arihito. At least his comrades made it through the test.

    For a moment, I thought Arrille was actually the Shee doll! Ha ha! He looks adorable, as does the newly hatched Arver.

    Have a Happy Halloween!