Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hallows and Anruin coupled up to create yet another child. I was very happy to get my wish and see a little boy hatch! I named him Arvs. I am also pleased to find that he was born cute like his sister Athesie, with a norn head and a pumpkin body. Arvs hatched into a world bustling with norns on all sides of him and was immediately overwhelmed. The first thing he did upon hatching is become fearful and begin a repeated session of "retreat norn". I attempted to snap him out of it with a slap to his bum and lead him over to the hugging tree. It was a little bit of a challenge I admit getting him to turn his attention away from the other norns and to the tree, but after a short time I was able to convince him to pay attention to the tree just long enough to get a hug or two in. Then he was all set and happy again!
After Arvs learned that the tree was friendly and would help him cope with his crowded feelings he loved them. Arvs then happily walked from one tree near the treehouse to the one by the bees nest and began hugging it too. Arves is all content and happy again, yay!

I had been watching Arethan for some time now in his little garden. He was so joyful with the new plants i'd given him to plant that he would do nothing else. His hunger levels were out the roof and there was no way I could convince him to eat anything. I slapped him several times but had to stop lest I slap him to death. I tried clicking on the mushrooms to get his attention, picking one and waving it in front of him, telling him to eat fruit, checking repeatedly to make sure he knows the words "eat fruit" and still nothing! I even combined some of these tactics and tried them at the same time. Eventually I gave up and with a huff picked Arethan up and plopped him on the level below where he was, where only mushrooms grow. There he wasn't distracted by the planted plants any longer and with a slap and me showing him the mushrooms once again he finally got into his head that eating them was a good idea! As soon as he ate one and learned this, he couldn't stop! I was so happy to see this! As soon as he had stuffed his belly with mushrooms even beyond what he needed I was convinced he was ready to be returned to his original spot and did so. The plants were there but he no longer took interest in them obsessively and continued to happily eat the mushrooms! I felt like I had suddenly overcome an overwhelmingly impossible challenge and took a moment to congratulate myself!
Impowered and encouragedby my previous success with Arethan I went to Xenia to take up the challenge of her obsessive personality again! I found her spending her time banging on the drums on the ocean dock where she had been for an hour or two now (*sings* I don't wanna work...I just wanna bang on the drums all day!), without eating anything. It was a long, frustrating process but I eventually convinced her to step away from the drums and push some other toys, or eat some seeds. I could not get her to eat any fruits while she was around the drums but found she would happily eat the mushrooms in the desert if I lead her half the way to them. I would expect her to be able to smell them from her position, since a norn can smell fruit from the warp room, but apparently her senses are limited. Here is a picture of her finally being happy and content. This is one for the record books!
 I had downloaded the new agent at naturing:nurturing that allows you to teach your norns verbs and excitedly went to work teaching all of the ones that are used most often to the norns in the main area of the tribe under the tree house! I was so excited! I then went off to check on the other norns that were around in the world, but returned to find a likefest on my hands! I know from past experience it's impossible to get them to stop doing this without separating them completely from each other. What have I done?! I was about to pull my hair out! Once my norns learned how to talk they won't shut up. Now I can't stand to spend more than a few minutes watching them with the constant speech bubble pop ups before I have to leave for another part of the world. Hopefully they'll grow tired of this sometime.
As you can see from this picture, upon checking up on the cute little Arvs, I found while he was still a baby that he is having trouble with his Liver A organ. This organ stores excess energy. Correct me if i'm wrong but this can be compared to how a human body stores fat for later use, in case there is no food available. I will be watching this in Arvs to see if the organ dies completely during his lifetime, which I hope it doesn't. If it does it doesn't mean the end of this norn, it just means he will need a steady supply of food available to keep his energy up. If a famine ever hits Nyrn Arvs will be the first to starve.
Once again Hallows has become friendly with a male norn, which I'm glad to see her getting along with everyone so well. She has bared another son by Arsyn and his name is Arvyn. Arvyn hatched and immediately appalled me (i'm a little ashamed to admit..). I know it's hard to tell, but Arvyn has chichi norn arms, a predator norn body and the rest is pumpkin, meaning pumpkin vines that he walks on and two large eyeballs floating above his empty neck. This is one ugly norn. I believe this is the ugliest norn i've ever had in my tribe. Still, he intrigues me with his look and I will enjoy watching his life unfold.
Aren met his end sorrounded by family. I believe Aren died like so many other norns, self starvation. I never like to see a norn go this way, but there's not much I can do about it aside from force feed them. The norn in the picture stayed by his side the whole time until he disappeared in a puff of sparkles. When I tried to pull him away for a better picture he resisted me and immediately went right back to him... Yet he wears a smile just like his friend. Rest in peace Aren.

Xenia's success with trying other foods carries over to the bramboo growing in the desert. A little while back I dropped one bramboo fruit on the sands in the hope of feeding it to her and needless to say, back then, it was entirely ignored. I never expected it to take root and grow, and begin to multiply. I am very happy to see that the desert now has more food for any norns that happen to get lost in it, but am a little confused because I thought that the desert would be way too hot with far too little moisture to ever grow something that's meant to grow in a swampy environment. Yeesh.
Aldobrando, one of the banana brothers, managed to discover the very top of the scaffoldings. I was happy when I first found him up there, but as I watched I discovered he no longer wanted to be there, and wasn't very happy. Aldobrando was lost and had forgotten how to go down. He tried many things, walking one way, then the other only to reach a dead end. He tried pushing the button, eating the button, eating the lift, eating the toy, pushing the toy and even watching all three! I attempted to show him that he is meant to push the lift but every time I tried to tell him, he applied "push" to everything but the lift. It seems he has an aversion to pushing the lift. Perhaps i'm partly to blame for that. It was only minutes before, perhaps twenty or fifteen.. that I slapped him a few times for repeatedly riding the lift up and down the first level of the scaffolding. Because of my guilt with this, I picked him up and gently placed him down on the second level where there were many interesting toys for him to play with, so that he no longer would be unhappily stuck at the very top. Here he happily played with the toys around him and wore a smile once again!
Spring turned into summer in Nyrn and it was being a very cold, cold summer. The temperature hovered in the teens nearly all the time and snow occasionally falls from the sky. In spite of this all of the flowers have bloomed and the butterflies and bees are about. This means an abundance of honey! When the hive began producing copious amounts all of the norns gathered around to feast! You can't see it very well in this picture because they're all standing in the one spot but there are at least five norns there!
I returned to check on Xenia again and was mildly alarmed to find her sitting in a small pile of purple fruit (bad, poisonous fruit). She wasn't moving and appeared to be lethargic, laying down a lot, and so I quickly checked her over and found out (as you can see in the bottom left of this picture) that she had contracted a mild amount of sleep toxin from the fruits. I felt too bad that she was feeling sick to punish her for getting into the fruits, so I watched to see how her body was coping with it. To my surprise and amazement the 34 sleep toxin was completely gone from her system within seconds after having eaten a single berry without her even falling asleep once! This must be due to some sort of superior genetics! 

I don't remember seeing anything that stood out in her genetics when I first looked at them, but that doesn't mean I missed something. I'm so happy for you Xenia! Now if only you could rejoin the rest of the norns and pass those genes on some more.

Current population: 16


  1. I'd keep my eye on Arethan for a while. It's great you've got him eating properly again, but I've had Norns go on a feeding spree like that before, then half an hour later go back to their bad eating habits.

    I'd be surprised if the liver stored excess energy. Usually it's used to break down alcohol and other toxins. Although since Norns seem to have an liver A and a liver B I could be wrong.

    Arvyn made me laugh. With all the strange breeds you have in your world you end up with some really odd Norns. I've never seen anything like it before :D

  2. I always enjoy your updates! The children of Hallows certainly turn out pretty quirky, but Arvyn is kind of cute... In a weird sort of way. Those floating eyeballs sure are different! Some of the Norns seem to have developed some bad habits, yet it's good to see that you've tried to help them out! Perhaps they'll take the hint and do the right thing from now on. Maybe, that is, since these are Norns, after all!