Friday, November 4, 2011

New Lands

Today started with an unusual death. I followed a gravestone icon atop my screen to Arrille who was laying, dead, ontop of the tube that lead from the tree house to the shee computer room. The first thing that puzzled me was how he got there. I had no idea he had wandered anywhere far enough where he could fall from a height onto the tube, yet that's the only explanation my mind could come up with! Still, I have no proof that a fall was what he died of at all! He didn't seem to be starved though. The idea of him dieing from a great fall leaves me feeling slightly disturbed and a little horrible. Such a death is sure to cause pain, but maybe it was instant with no pain. I can only hope. Unable to solve this mystery I left him alone to rest in peace.
Arethan was also following the fruit seeds that pop out and fly all over the place. How he got out of the little tube thing I have no idea! This is some sneaky norn! The spikey shells of the seeds fascinated Arethan but the seeds always seemed to disappear before he could satisfy his curiosity! Arethan's disjointed legs didn't slow him down, fueled  by his passion to figure out those seeds! It seems like Arethan is another norn who has somewhat of a scientific (or just curious) mind.
Angaredhel passed away, failing the IQ test with flying colors. He was the last norn left in the warp room (save for Wanic in the chamber) and died alone. But I can only imagine he was met with all of his fellow norns on the other side to greet him!
I found Xenia still in the desert doing nothin but sipping on that honey and looking a little bit miserable (look at that ear and mouth, honey overdose?). Desperate to get her to do something else I slapped her a few times to get her mind off of honey, which only works for a few seconds. I took advantage of those few seconds to lead her over to the drums and show them to her. I was very pleased to see her take an interest in them and begin playing with them. Little did I know that this too would become an obsession. She developed an obsession with toys! Try as I might I could not get her to stop playing the drums long enough to eat anything, and she was hungry! As I watched her as time went by, I developed the idea (nothing more than an educated guess) that maybe she is confused and attempting to satiate her hunger with pushing toys now that I deterred her from the honey.
I left Xenia to play with the drums a little bit, maybe she would get bored with it eventually, and decided to check on the next norn. I found Adalhard riding the lift with his banana norn friend. I watched them and discovered they were lift happy like so many norns can become. They rode up and down, up and down, all the while with Adalhard clutching his honey jar. I guess there's nothing wrong with a snack along the way.. The lift happy button pushing mostly belonged to the banana norn and I decided to stop him before he "lifted" himself to starvation with a couple of slaps!
Worried about Xenia I returned to her to find her still pushing the drums. I gave her a few slaps and showed her the seeds when she began complaining about hunger again. I had to wave some in front of her face a couple of times, and point to them before she finally decided they were worth paying attention to. But when she finally ate one, there was no stopping her! Xenia goes for all or nothing apparently!
Well now that Xenia was eating and mostly fufilled I went to check on the main part of the tribe. Nyrn was filled with many young faces and the sounds of happy norns! There was the occasional slap but that never lasted more than once or twice and all of the norns were smiling all the time! I watched as Arsyn busied himself with playing with the hugging tree and had to chuckle at the sight of the little girl norn using the didgeridoo as a telescope! I know she was actually playing it, but it looks hilarious how she was holding it! What did she think she was looking at?
I'm happy to announce that the lift happy banana norn has stopped being lift happy! My disciplining worked. I now found them what appeared to be trying to get into the volcano. After watching them for a minute though I discovered they were merely interested in the small seeds against the volcano door. What is it with norns and these particular seeds?  The banana norn kept trying so hard to get at them that he kept bonking himself into the door. I gave him a few slaps and tried to lead him away, to convince him that running into the door wasn't a good idea no matter how much you want those seeds.. but he wouldn't listen to me. Even his friend Adalhard couldn't convince him.
Arethan had found the little grove of mushrooms to the left of the waterfall and was happily plucking up, eating and playing with them. There is nothing here in this specific little area except mushrooms and I kind of felt bad that Arethan had nothing else to pay attention to. 
So, to fix this I plopped a few of those purple fruits on the ground for him to eat and plant. This he did happily! He was very excited to see something new to put his attention to and thanks to me took up gardening! I don't know how long this will keep him happy, but I won't be upset if he decides this is his new passion or obsession. It certainly is better than a lift obsession.
Arrinis was not far away from Arethan, and yet the two norns never knew the other was there. Arrinis is still among the roots of the seasons tree walled in by bricks of the old ruins holding the tunnels up. His attention had been on the fruits all this time but now as he rests on the rich, dark earth, he couldn't help but admire the beauty of the delicate butterflies fluttering about his head and admire the pretty colors. I was very happy to see that, unlike the norns of the past, he was not attempting to harm these little creatures. Last summer I had failed in keeping the norns away from the insects and before I knew it all of the caterpillars and butterflies had gone extinct due to being eaten! Thank you for being gentle Arrinis.
Xenia didn't become obsessed with the food like she had the honey, which is good I guess, but I found her wandering the desert in search of more toys. All she could think about now were toys. When I got back to her and found her wandering toward the toy car, she was also complaining of hunger yet again. Again the idea that she was confusing pushing toys with eating crossed my mind. This time, as much as I tried to convince her that eating fruit and seeds would get rid of her hunger pangs she wouldn't buy it.
I watched with mild annoyance as she walked to the toy car, and then my annoyance changed to curiosity and surprise when she passed it and continued walking. My mind reading agent said she was approaching toy, yet there was no toy in sight! Still, she seemed very intent on where she was going and very determined. 
Just then I got a visitor through the warp and was tickled at how cute he looked. Course, most norns look cute at this stage of life! This is little Benkei. Benkei is special because he is a generation 2 (usually I get gen 1's through the warp) and curiously, the world he came from was named "ccsf-cp". I know what the CCSF is, but what does the CP stand for? Is this a norn who came from a world specifically for breeding that has to do with the ccsf? If anyone can tell me please let me know. For now, Benkei is left to try his hand at the IQ test. He appears to be a very competent norn though, and so I have high hopes that he'll pass.
Back at the roots of the seasons tree Arrinis holds in his hands a single one of those fruits he'd been spending so much time studying. He did nothing but gaze at that fruit for such a long time. My mind reader agent just said "watch fruit" so i'm sure that he was studying it as hard as he could, perhaps trying to find some miraculous discovery from the fruit, or like he was trying to communicate with it!
Xenia was still walking and had never even taken a rest when I returned to her. When she reached the bridge though, a toy finally came into view and her sights immediately set on it. My hopes that she had stopped being obsessed with toys were dashed as her one track mind brought her to the little spring that rests on the bridge. Because she wasn't in danger of starving to death, even though she was a little hungry, I let her indulge herself in the spring toy while I watched with mild amusement.

POP goes the weasel!

Silly Xenia...

Current norn population: 16
The population is lowering! How low can it go?


  1. Quite a lot of action in Nyrn! Deaths are always sad, but at least you were lucky to have a lot of happier things going on! Xenia made me laugh with her "all or nothing" approach: I guess she figures she just has to try to get everything out of anything she comes in contact with! Ha ha!

    The main group is quite interesting, since many of them look the same. I had a good laugh over the makeshift telescope: Excellent photo! Hopefully Xenia will find her way back to the main group soon... I'm hoping for a Banana Norn baby!

  2. Oh me too! Honestly i'm beginning to get a little tired of seeing all the santa norn heads. After a while the same thing over and over starts to get boring. The banana brothers are a welcome change from that.