Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some Minor Changes

When I played Docking Station for the very first time I had read in the online manual provided by Creatures Labs all about how to care for a norn and interact with a norn. This included talking to norns and verbally communicating. I had tried, you know, "no", "yes", "left", "touch lift", all of the commands after teaching my norns the language with the learning machine and quickly grew frustrated that they still didn't listen to me most of the time. I ended up slapping a few norns to death because slapping was my last restort try to get my norns to pay attention to me. It didn't work.
This was many, many years ago. I gave up for good on trying to play DS this way.

Since then I have resorted to playing the way that is fun for me, which is using limited verbal commands with mostly letting the norns do what they want. The survivors would learn everything on their own and tactics to survive all by themselves. Hearing suggestions from one norn to another such as "Maybe left plant", "maybe retreat norn" or "maybe rest waste" were comman from norns when others complained of friendliness, hunger or cold; Things that didn't even make sense to use as a remedy. Also, behaviors such as eating doors, constantly staring at buttons or food, or obsessions with approaching other norns are all too common. All of these because I could not figure out how to use vocabulary to teach my norns what is good for them and what is bad for them.

After watching Lusewing's C2 videos very recently (a few days ago!) I realized... I had been doing it all wrong! What have I been doing wrong exactly? Concentrating too much on detail! I would slap the norns for every tiny thing they did that I didn't like (turns out most of the time the norn had no control over the things I punished them for, such as sleeping when I didn't want them to sleep, or walking left when I wanted them to stay on my screen so I could watch them as well as the other norns.) and tickle them "just to be nice" (not realizing that it encouraged them to continue doing whatever they were doing at that time). Because of my own mistakes with these two things.. no wonder my norns wearn't obeying me, they were confused to death!
Thanks to Lusewing's C2 videos I regained the passion to communicate with my norns verbally and teach them again!

You may remember in my previous posts about how I helped Xenia snap out of her obsessions and taught her how to take care of herself mostly when it seemed nearly impossible. And how I got Arethan to eat again! These things would have been nearly impossible for me had I not learned how to praise, punish and speak with them correctly. I tested my new found knowledge on these two norns and was met with great surprising success! This only proved my theory that it was all my fault from the beginning.
So, Thank you so much for your videos Lusewing where you showed how to properly raise a baby norn. I had no idea I was doing it wrong, haha!

That's the first change to the way I will be playing my game. This is the second:

When I first began playing my Nyrn tribe back when it was still called Kono Sekai Ni Wa over a year ago I had decided to play by breeding only for intelligence. I backed this up by choosing the "smartest" norns in my genetcis folder, the creatures full of edits and advanced chichis, over how boring they looked.  As i've progressed and the game has continued i've grown more and more knowledgable with genetics and as my knowledge grew so did my enjoyment! So now, instead of playing for smart norns, i've decided to play for genetically advanced or interesting norns... excluding mutations that make it difficult or impossible for the norn to live a fruitful life.

Also, belated happy birthday Nyrn tribe! The Nyrn genetic line was founded by Peni before written record. For the books, though, The very first post of this blog was made on September 15, 2010, so technically that is when this genetic line was founded. Anyways, belated happy birthday yay!


  1. Ooooo.... interesting sounding changes. I look forward to seeing how they affect your updates. Will you still be keeping only one queen in the world at a time?

  2. Yes. Remember Fiken and her breeding like rabbits? I wouldn't want several females doing that at the same time Ha! This is the reason for only one female.

  3. Very nice! I learned some useful things from Lusewing's videos, too. I'm guilty of tickling for no reason sometimes, which usually just confuses Norns. Then again, if they had a mutation where reward was not part of the stimulus... Genetics hijack! Ha ha! Sounds like you've got some good plans in mind for the future. I look forward to seeing how these change your game!

    Happy birthday to the Nyrn tribe! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog for the past year!

  4. Wow, it's been over a month since the last update... did the four norn invasion wear you out? Or is the delay caused by the holiday insanity?

    I'm just wondering when the next update might be. Happy belated birthday Nyrn tribe!

  5. I just found this blog and it made me want to play creatures again. x3

    Since I'm waay too late to say happy birthday, I'm just gonna say Merry Christmas instead. ^^