Monday, November 7, 2011

Hallow's Children

It wasn't until I moved the spring toy from the bridge to an unreachable location that Xenia decided to move on. The reason I moved the toy was so that she would not starve to death. While I prefer to leave my norns alone and let them fend for themselves most of the time, I tend to have a weakness on occasion for helping them out. Xenia continued forward to the fruits growing on the bush on the other side of the bridge. She ate some and then moved on.
I was sad to find another premature death in the tribe. Arrinis, who had been so tender to the butterflies and gentle with the plants had passed away with a peaceful smile on his face. 
As usual with a norn death that isn't obvious, I checked him with the hoverdoc and found his death is most probably brought on by starvation. As you can see all three food needs are extremely high. Arrinis apparently had become not only a vegetarian, but a foodatarian. It is as if he grew a fondness for all life that he could not bear to eat any of it. I can't help but be a little grumpy at this, as saintly as it sounds.
Surprise surprise! Benkei has passed the IQ test much faster than I expected him to! He looks to be an intelligent norn indeed. Benkei's first interest when plopped into the middle of Nyrn was the many fruits and plants around him. He quickly went to stuff his belly with the abundance of foods! I guess the IQ test was hard on his tummy.
As some clouds roll by creating a fog affect Xenia determinedly crossed the bridge back toward the desert. As she did, I remembered that's where the honey jar was waiting and I hoped she wouldn't again find it and become addicted. I didn't want her to live life glued to that thing in one spot. She didn't look happy last time. I could only hope as I watched her that she would not do it again.
It proves challenging to keep Adalhard's attention away from the seeds nestled up against the volcano door. The seeds themselves aren't harmful, but every time he attempts to get them he ends up banging his head on the door severely. This, if left untreated and undeterred, could lead to his death. Luckily I distracted him with a jar of honey and continually to point him toward the mushrooms growing. He still threatens to turn back toward the seeds with thoughtful looks every now and then.
I was sad to see Benkei had died not long after he entered this world. It puzzled me, he had arrived so happy and was eating well when I dropped him off! Now he is crouched down in the norn's tree house. I have no idea exactly what happened to him. Poor Benkei. Oh well, I guess not all norns can live long in this world.
Near the swamp bridge a group of males hang out. All of the santa norn heads caught my attention and I decided it's picture worthy to have them all in one place! I never noticed as much how each norn looks so similar until they were all together like this. This is Fiken's doing for sure, but the future generations with Xenia and Hallows promise to pepper the tribe with more diversity soon enough!

Arver, one of the many males with a santa norn head, pauses to shiver in the cool spring air while his friend rests next to a carrot. This years spring is turning out to be a pretty cool one. I've often caught many norns shivering now and then, and when checking the temperature they're in the low 20's. 
And here we have Hallows first pregnancy! The father of her unborn child is Arius and I couldn't wait to see what the baby would look like! Despite being a halloween norn with spooky floating eyes, Hallows is actually very cute and not scary at all! All of the tribe accepts her as a full fledged member and everybody has been nice to her. Hallows has almost an innocent air to her.

I watched closely as she walked around, her little pumpkin belly wouldn't grow I knew, but when the time to lay came near she settled down next to the bee hive and layed a speckled egg. Here the baby will most certainly hatch with a good source of food on all sides, surrounded by the promise of being well fed! Oh, and also a friendly hugging tree so it also feels loved!
Soon enough the egg began to shift and crackle as the baby stirred inside, ready to come out. After a few seconds from the egg came a little girl I named Athesie! I gasped at her adorableness! She didn't look deformed at all, which is what I was a little worried about. In fact, she looks positively cute! She has a little santa norn head from her father, chichi arms, apple norn legs and a pumpkin for a body!
Not long after, Athesie's sister was born. Unlike Athesie, Aumsi isn't quite as cute. Aumsi has her mothers everything except for what appears to be an apple norn tail or something. It's a little hard to tell. Aumsi hatched on her feet and immediately began moving around, I found it extremely difficult to get a good look at her. I was also surprised how soon Hallows had decided Arius would make a good father for the second time.  I'm still hoping for some boys from Hallows.

Current population: 14


  1. Omg, Athesie is so darn cute. Really wasn't expecting the sprites to match up quite so well.

  2. Athesie is adorable! Looks like she sprouted from a pumpkin. Ha! It took me a little bit to see all the parts of Aumsi. Still adorable: Just a bit of a puzzle! At least their births made up for the two unexpected deaths. Maybe we'll see some little boy pumpkins bopping about soon!

  3. I actually wonder if Aumsi has any norn parts from her father.