Wednesday, November 2, 2011


On one of my usual rounds to check on all of the norns one at a time I found more norns misplaced away from their home forest than ever before! Wanderlust has apparently swept through the tribe and infected many norns, inspiring them to wander to other places! I found Arrinis here among the roots of the big seasons tree. He is sorrounded by many fruits and seeds so I wasn't very worried about him. I'm pleased to see so many norns exploring away from the forest! Arrinis wasn't doing much but admiring all of the different mushrooms, fruits and seeds while looking for some toys.
However, his brother Arethan was not so lucky. Arethan was distracted with a fruit seed and chased it all the way into the little tube near the place where Arrinis is. I'm guessing Arethan had followed him there, or traveled with him but was unlucky enough to get stuck in the underground tube. I am left wondering why this tube is here, what purpose does it have other than to trap unsuspecting norns? I showed Arethan the spring near by so he can use it and get himself out. He did use it, with a small bit of encouraging from me, but try as he might it just didn't get him out of the tube. I "tsk'd" and lifted him out, only to have him walk right back in after that seed again. Two more tries of this and I decided if he's happy down there he can stay down there because no amount of coaxing him away from that seed will work!
A little girl was born in the forest and I named her Ashamanu. She is the second to last child of Fiken.
In the forest tree house sits the last egg that rests above the ground. The spotted black and white egg began to stir and rustle on the wooden beams of the tree house floor.. It began to hatch! I watched with anticipation as the cracking of the shell was heard and slowly a tiny norn began to step out.
From the squished confines of the shell came Ashamanu's sister, Ashumanu! She is the last daughter of the famed super fertile Fiken. Fiken now boasts of 22 daughters! A nice number to stop on.
Ashumanu walked accross the wooden boards and over to the shee doll. This isn't unusual, many babies that were born up there did play withe with toys there and explore their immediate sorroundings, but Ashumanu looks especially cute when she picked it up and carried it around with her! She just looks so pleased with herself and "a matter of fact" about carrying the shee doll!
On the other side of the swamp bridge play the banana brothers and two native norns. It almost seemed like they'd formed a little exclusive club for themselves because of how they played so closely together all the time. Areas examined the grave stone closely in amusement while his brother behind him carried around a honeypot, revealing his temporary addiction to honey. One banana brother hides behind the lift button as if camera shy! You're not that skinny, little norn!
Another IQ test failure. Anes failed to pass the test and in fact I don't think he ever left the warp room at all. He passed away on the bottom level where the containment chamber is. I always feel sorry for norns that pass away from things like this, but I'm also happy that I weed out the poor survivors. Still, rest in piece.
Near the swamp that little grey mysterious egg continues to rest among spring flowers and near the ominous looking gravestone. That little egg seemed to have a dark aura around it itself and made the gravestone look more like a companion. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned it was this eggs turn to hatch, when I heard the familiar shell cracking sounds comming from it! Arius doesn't suspect a thing going on behind him!
Arius is still distracted by the ettin norn when out pops a little unsual creature from the egg! Can you see her? It is a little female norn that looks like a walking jack-o-lantern and a pair of floating eyes! This is the norn that was introduced for halloween, however due to the other eggs that were already in the world, this little guy has a late start! I'm sorry that he didn't make it in time FOR halloween, but I wasn't willing to sacrifice eggs to do it. I named her hallows.
Ashumanu stayed in the tree house with her shee doll gripping it proudly when I went back to check on her. She just looked so cute that I had to snap another picture! She hadn't strayed far from where the shee originally sat, but continued to hold it and play with it the whole time! Worried that she hadn't gone down to the ground to eat anything I picked some fruits and fed them to her along with some seeds. She ate them happily, and was obviously hungry. Even so, she never lost that smile on her face!
Xenia remains in the desert with her pot of honey. She has been there doing nothing but eating the honey over and over with the occasional touching of a toy. I can't decide whether to feel sorry for her and try to help, or leave her be because she does seem happy. I gave her a couple light slaps and she stopped eating long enough to walk a few steps and play with a near by toy, but she never once put the jar down. It wasn't long before she was right back to eating honey. Xenia has developed a strong honey addiction!
Arsyn decided it was time to move on to another new place, even if it wasn't that far away, and rode the lift up into the scaffolding above the swamp. He was accompanied by two of his buddies who also thought it fun. In the scaffolding one of them found a jack-o-lantern and thought it was so interesting he just had to hold it and carry it around with him everywhere! It looked like he was trying to show it to the other norns "look what I found!". When you explore new places you're certain to find new and interesting things!

Current norn population: 18 plus girls


  1. Aww, an awesome update, aside from the death of Anes. Rest in peace, little guy. I'm pretty sure you mentioned it before, but what breed was his face from? I'm pretty sure it was the Neko Ettin... Which means that he is a mix of Norn and Ettin? Just curious!

    Glad to see everyone traveling about the world and exploring! Seems like the honey addiction is almost impossible to kick... Maybe we need a Honey Eaters Anonymous support group? Ha!

    Hallows is quite interesting: It took me some time to realize where she actually was on the screen! It's close enough to Halloween: Still counts!

  2. Yes Anes had a neko ettin head. I had recieved some norns that were a mix of norn and neko ettin from norngirl through the warp a long time ago and fell in love with them. I believe they are a descendant of Fabi though.

    And honey eaters anonymous XD I think so. I'm torn between restricting their honey or letting them have it. They seem to forget everything else when there's honey around, on the other hand I think the honey does provide nutrition and energy..

    Yeah sorry for the late Halloween post. This one was actually meant to be released ON Halloween and the official Halloween post. It was late due to other things that kept me busy on Halloween day though.

    Thanks for commenting! :D

  3. Yup, Fabi & his descendents are a mix of ettin, norn, & maybe even a little bit of grendel. There are at least 3 different types of ettin in their lineage.

    If you wanted a closer look at the genetics of Fabi's ancestors, keep an eye on the CCSF adoptions because I submitted several of Fabi's most important ancestors & relatives to the CCSF for the Creatures Sampler.

  4. Wow, Hallows is an interesting new breed. I can't wait to see some of the unusual offspring you get from that creature!

  5. Haha I can't wait either Arch! Maybe a norn with floating eyeballs! Or a pumpkin with a floating norn head!