Friday, November 11, 2011

Four Norn Invasion

 The warp chamber suddenly buzzed to life as a single, curious little norn popped into existance in it. My attention was distracted away from my norns to this event via a warp icon at the top of my screen and brought me to the warp room. I was excited to see a cute little neko ettin norn sitting in my chamber just waiting to be let out! I happen to quite enjoy neko ettins because of their feline qualities. I set the poor little guy onto the bottom level of the warp room floor and began checking him over, but hadn't even finished when a second norn looking much like him warped in behind him! Before I could even pick him up and put him next to his brother a third and immediately following, a fourth beamed in too! I began to feel overwhelmed and was worried to find one of the norns was sneezing!

Immediately I rushed them all back into the chamber and smothered them all with anti-bacterial spray, and was thankful the norn wave had stopped. In the end when I finally got them all fumigated I set them all back on the floor outside the chamber to begin their IQ test while I thoroughly checked them all over. They all looked the same except for the last one which is related i'm sure but obviously got some mutations in color. They all look beautiful! All of my rushing about with them seemed to amuse them and I could almost hear them all giggling at me. Teehee! Good luck guys!
Hallows and Arsyn became the parents of an adorable little boy I named Aryon. Aryon hatched into the world and like all of my baby norns now, set to work hugging the nearest hugging trees to get his dosing of anti-crowdedness feeling. I never thought these trees would be anything more than amusement and am glad now that I set them out there.
Like I was warned I found Arethan not eating and was horrified when I checked his vital signs! Due to his lack of proper nutrition all of his major organs (and some i'm not knowledgable about) had dropped below 50% healthy. Immediately I began investigating, expecting to find the reason to be that he simply prefers to look rather than eat, but little did I know the answer would be a little more complicated then that. When I checked his hunger levels I found that hunger for protein (fruit) was relatively normal, it was the hunger for fat and starch that weren't, which meant he was hungry for food. This makes sense since he is surrounded by fruits in the form of mushrooms. The little plants he was tending were supposed to be his source of food, but it looked like they weren't growing and I'm not quite sure why. They had stayed in their immature state for hours.

I feverishly spent a good minute or so scouring the world for a form of replenish-able food that he could eat!
As soon as I found and dropped a honey jar in front of him he immediately hurried to it and began drinking hungrily from it! I let out a great sigh of relief when I checked his hunger signs next and found that they were returning to normal. I've never had a norns health drop so badly so quickly before just because they wearn't eating food. Starch, also was scarce where he is currently located but the honey also replenishes some of that as well. Oddly enough, as soon as his health was back to normal the plants in the ground began growing again and I watched in bafflement as he casually began eating them as they matured....
Xenia on the other hand, is happy. There's no two ways about it! Xenia enjoys smiling wide at me and expressing her happiness as if in gratitude whenever I cam over her. I began to grow concerned when she would not do anything else for several minutes, but uniquely, whenever I checked her hunger levels they were all remaining very low. As long as she's healthy and happy i'm happy.
Akka successfully passed the IQ test in an average amount of time and I was very pleased to be able to drop him into the midst of the tribe. They all welcomed him and he shot me an ecstatic grin such as when one is announced they won the contest!
Aku also passed, and took the success more casually than his brother. He decided the first thing to do in his new home would be to explore his immediate surroundings and sample some of the cuisine.
Xenia reached old just around 3 hours and 44 minutes. Her spots and colorings have dulled and become lighter but she still hasn't lost any of her charm. It won't be long before she'll be moving on and leaving room for a new queen to enter Nyrn. Until then, she'll continue to keep herself happy and explore new lands! Her age doesn't slow her down one bit!

Current norn population: 21


  1. I look forward to seeing if Ai & Anya pass the IQ test, I really hope they do. Anya's coloration is gorgeous & I wonder what other mutations he might have besides color.

  2. In Docking Station if you press Ctrl+Shift+E, food, fruit and seeds will appear from the hand. The food is carrots, which will regrow if eaten by your norns.